2012-04-13 | News
MDG Acceleration Framework Application in Armenia

Millennium Declaration was signed by 189 states, including Armenia, at the UN Millennium Summit held in New York in 2000. Eight goals (MDGs) were set, illustrated in eighteen targets that should be achieved by 2015 (later, in 2005, supplemented by another four MDGs). According to one of those recent targets, it is planned to achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all, including women and young people.

The year 2010 provided the setting for a comprehensive review of progress on the MDGs including the impact of new challenges and realities, such as the global economic and financial crises, climate change, and new evidence and innovations to accelerate and sustain progress towards the MDGs. At the country level, such a review works towards identifying bottlenecks and solutions needed to accelerate progress on lagging MDGs, consistent with existing planning processes. To facilitate this outcome, the UN has developed and tested an MDG Acceleration Framework (MAF).

The MAF results in the preparation of an action plan to address the specific MDG that rallies the efforts of governments and its partners, including civil society and the private sector, on providing the investments and services needed to advance key policy reform and overcome identified constraints.

In 2010, UNDP Armenia published a "Second MDG National Progress Report" which assessed achievement of MDG target "to achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all, including women and young people" as "unrealistic".

The UN Country Team (UNDP and UNIDO) in Armenia, in close collaboration with the government and other partners, embarked upon activities to ensure the realization of the MDG target, recommending application of sound, evidence-based knowledge in the area of youth employment generation. The MAF action plan is expected to take into account, where relevant, issues of inequalities between geographic regions and will propose solutions accordingly.

In December 2011 an interagency cooperation between UNDP and UNIDO was established to perform analysis of MDG Acceleration Framework Application in Armenia.

Today, the second Bottleneck Analyses Workshop was organized by UN in Armenia for about 75 national stakeholders representing employment, education, economic and agricultural sectors, as well as MAF experts from UNDP and UNIDO headquarters. The two-day event aimed at identification and prioritization of main challenges in the field of rural youth employment. . During the workshop the results of the analysis of progress and challenges in achieving the MDG target in the field of rural employment were discussed and the areas of strategic interventions, such as labor and employment policies and strategies, education sector reforms, improvement of business environment, regional development, prioritized.

Based on the outcomes of the workshop, research work will be continued and final results will be presented at the final validation workshop aimed at the consolidation of valuable inputs made by different stakeholders. The final report is expected to be published in July 2012 and presented to the Government of Armenia for further actions.