Here are presented the sites where the UNDP VET program has provided assistance.

Hrazdan State College

Hrazdan State College located in Kotayk marz of Armenia has potential to become one of those institutions that provide the best of the knowledge and proficiency. The college now practices such specialties as primary school teaching, auditing and accounting, software development, design, gasification, and others, as well as combines methodology and practice, trying to put an accent on the practical side of each specialty.

Nor Geghi State Agricultural College

Nor Geghi State Agricultural College is one of the most popular colleges in Kotayk region. It has 416 students not only from Kotayk, but also from nearby regions, as well as from Yerevan. The college has a rich professional history. Starting from 1937 it provided craftsmanship skills to many generations. The specialties include Automation of Agriculture, Organization of Transportation and Transport Management, Finance in Agriculture, Law and Social Security Management, Forest Economy and other professions.

Yerevan State Industrial College

Located in Shengavit district of Yerevan, the Yerevan State Industrial College has long been one of the leading colleges of Armenia providing highly-qualified specialists in the area of home appliances repair, welding and vehicle repair.

Gyumri State Technical College

Being situated close to the Gyumri N2 Craftsmanship College, Gyumri State Technical College has almost the same esteem as its associate college. A bit different in its specialization, Gyumri State Technical College provides occupation in the following fields: Cargo transportation and management in railway transport, Cargo transportation and management in motor transport, Automatics, mechanics and communication in railway transport, Construction and operation of buildings, Economics, accounting and audit.

Gyumri N2 Craftsmanship College

Gyumri N2 Craftsmanship College is one of the most popular artisan institutions in the city of Gyumri. It provides skills and proficiency many up-to-dated specialties, such as Automatics, mechanics and communication in railway transport, Public food, PC operating, Garment, Designer, and Hairdresser.